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The principles of reviewing

The principles of reviewing set out in the Communication of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of May 29, 2013:
  • For the evaluation of each publication at least two independent reviewers from outside the academic unit in which publication author is affiliated, should be appointed
  • Author or authors of publication and reviewers do not know their identity (double-blind review process). In other cases, the reviewer signs a declaration of no conflict of interest; a conflict of interest shall be deemed to take place between the reviewer and the author in case of direct personal relationships (in particular affinity to the second degree, marriage) and professional relationships, or direct scientific cooperation in for the two years preceding the preparation of review.
  • The written review contains a clear decision of the reviewer concerning the release of a research article to be published or its rejection.
  • The criteria for approval or rejection of a manuscript and a review form of publications are made publicly on the website of the journal or in every issue of a scientific journal.
  • Names of reviewers in individual publications or volumes of scientific journals are not revealed.

Guidelines for Referees


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