Current Issues of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences

Assessment of concentration changes of selected elements in birch sap, depending on collection day, using atomic absorption spectrometry

Curr Issues Pharm Med Sci., Vol. 31, No. 2, 57-60

Katarzyna Krupa, Wojciech Szwerc, Przemyslaw Nizinski, 
Anna Błazewicz, Ryszard Kocjan

Chair of Chemistry, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Medical University of Lublin, Chodzki 4a, 20-093 Lublin, Poland

DOI: 10.1515/cipms-2018-0012 10.1515/cipms-2018-0011


Research on new products made of naturally occurring substances that possess regenerative and recuperative characteristics of benefit to humanity occurs continuously. In light of this, birch sap is receiving more and more attention. The aim of this work was an assessment of concentration changes of selected elements in birch sap depending on the day of collection. Herein, we utilized a ContrAA 700 high-resolution atomic absorption spectrometer with continuous light source (HR-CS-AAS) and we applied electro-thermal and flame techniques. Our results indicate that the concentration of the marked elements is variable and is connected with the date of collection. For most of elements, a downward trend can be observed. Only the amount of iron increased with time.

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polyomavirus, JC virus, transplantation, bone marrow, kidney. 


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