Current Issues of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences

The use of gold and gold alloys in prosthetic dentistry – a literature review

Curr Issues Pharm Med Sci., Vol. 28, No. 3, Pages 192-195

Justyna Oleszek-Listopad1, Katarzyna Sarna-Bos1, Anna Szabelska1,
Elzbieta Czelej-Piszcz1, Janusz Borowicz1, Jolanta Szymanska2*

1 Department of Prosthetic Dentistry, Medical University of Lublin, Poland
2 Chair and Department of Paedodontics, Medical University of Lublin, Karmelicka 7, 20-081 Lublin, Poland

DOI: 10.1515/cipms-2015-0070


Gold is a noble metal with very good chemical resistance. It also does not become oxidized in water or air. Pure gold has a bright yellow color and shine, and it is a heavy, but soft metal with huge plasticity and ductility. For many years, gold and its alloys have been recognized as being great prosthetic material in dental practice. In current dentistry, the progress in materials science and galvanoforming techniques have made it possible to create precise restorations utilizing this metal. This pertains both to fixed and removable dentures. Galvanized gold has a range of advantages, among these being biocompatibility, proper marginal tightness, endurance, its esthetic design and the fact that it boasts bacteriostatic features.

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gold, gold alloys, galvanoforming technique, crowns, dowels.


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