Current Issues of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences

Local administrative-territorial specificity dermatoglyphics of men in Ukraine affected by caries at various levels of intens

Curr Issues Pharm Med Sci., Vol. 28, No. 1, Pages 51-54

Maria Shinkaruk-Dykovytska1*, Anatoly Borisenko2

1 The Pirogov Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Vinnitsa National Medical University, Pirogov 56, Vinnitsa, Ukraine, 21018
2 The Bogomolets Department of Therapeutic Stomatology, Kiev National Medical University, Kiev, Ukraine


We found differences in administrative-territorial distributions of dermatoglyphics with regard to somatic healthy men of I adulthood with low and moderate levels intensity of caries. However, separate dermatoglyphics complexes of men with low levels intensity of caries, typical for any region of Ukraine, were not found. The data obtained from the western and southern regions of the country is particularly interesting. This, we believe, is a manifestation of population-regional particularities of the gene pool of Ukrainian men that corresponds to markers of greater physical health than to markers of the progression of the course of caries that is of low intensity. The greatest number of differences by indicator dermatoglyphics is evidenced in men with a medium level intensity of caries. This is concentrated in territorial segments: west↔center↔south and north↔center↔south. Moreover, a great amount of differences are seen in territorial segments: center west↔center↔north and south↔center↔east, while the least difference, albeit still numerous, is noticeable in territorial segments: north↔center↔east. The obtained data are interpreted by us as a manifestation of predisposition to the course of caries of a medium level of affection which is based on differences in the structure of the gene pool of the Ukrainian male population.


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caries, the average level intensity of infestation, dermatoglyphics, somatically healthy men, administrative-territorial regions of Ukraine.


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