Current Issues of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences

Central sleep apnea – a case report

Curr Issues Pharm Med Sci., Vol. 27, No. 1, Pages 14-16

Andrzej Dybała1, Monika Dyczko1, Bogusław Makaruk1, Paweł Kiciński1, Elżbieta Bartoszek1,
Wojciech Myśliński1, Mansur Rahnama2*, Jerzy Mosiewicz1

1 Department and Clinic of Internal Medicine, Medical University of Lublin
2 Chair and Department of Oral Surgery, Medical University of Lublin, Karmelicka 7 st. 20-081 Lublin

DOI: 10.2478/cipms-2014-0004



Central sleep apnea (CSA) is a disease characterized by repetitive episodes of the so-called central apneas during sleep. The disease has a very complex etiology. In clinical practice, the most important causes of CSA are disorders of the central nervous system, congestive heart failure or certain pathological changes of the respiratory muscles. We present a case of a 43-year-old male with severe CSA, who was successfully treated with BiPAP ST equipment.


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entral sleep apnea, heart failure, BiPAP ST, servo-ventilation


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