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Influence of nitrogen nutrition and cultivar on quality of sweet basil herbs

Annales UMCS, Sectio DDD, Pharmacia, Vol. XXIV, N 3, 14


Department of Cultivation and Fertilization of Horticultural Plants University of Life Sciences in Lublin


Rational cultivation of herbs results in their higher quality and leads to a unifiedcation of the  material. Commercial sale of increasing number of pot plants for spices and medicinal products leads to the necessity of developing strict nutrition recommendations for such plants. The aim of the research was to define changes of volatile oil content and its qualitative composition, yield and biological value of Ocimum basilicum L. influenced by diversified nitric nutrition and cultivars. Experiment with Ocimum basilicum L. (cultivars with green and purple leaves and spherical habit) was conducted in a green house. Nutrients were used in the following amounts (per g·dm-3 of medium): N-0,6 (calcium nitrate, ammonium nitrate and urea); P-0,5 (superphosphate 20,2% P); K-1,0 (potassium sulphate); Mg-0,4 (magnesium sulphate monohydrate). The results of the experiment were very interesting. Yield of Ocimum basilicum L. did not significantly differ as the effect of applied nitrate fertilizer. Yet the cultivar had significant effect of the size of plant fresh weight. Average total yield equalled 228.7 g plant-1 . It should be emphasized that the experimental factors in use had significant influence on the concentration of volatile oil, nitrates and vitamin C in Ocimum basilicum L. The cultivar with spherical habit was characterized by the greatest content of volatile oil and the smallest amount of nitrates. Linalool concentration in the oil depended also on the type of nitrate fertilizer applied and on cultivar. The highest content of this compound was noted in Ocimum basilicum L. with green leaves fed with urea. Based on the acquired results, conclusion can be made that plant feeding and cultivar selection are those factors that affect the size and quality of material of Ocimum basilicum L.

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Ocimum basilicum L., nitrogen, cultivar, macroelements


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