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Determination of levels of manganese and iron in selected dietary supplements stimulating the immune system of the human body

Annales UMCS, Sectio DDD, Pharmacia, Vol. XXIV, N 3, 10


Department of Food and Nutrition, Medical University of Lublin, Poland


In the recent years a growth of an interest in preparations (dietary supplements) which supplement the everyday diet with necessary nutritious and mineral ingredients has been observed. Supplements allow to improve irrational dietary practices, to lower the risk of appearing of illnesses (preventive action), and they also may support therapy. Raw materials of the plant origin being the source of all sorts of biologically active compounds are the components of some of these preparations. Plants contain also a considerable quantity of mineral elements. The purpose of this study was the evaluation of the level of manganese and iron (microelements important for the organism) in selected dietary supplements stimulating the immune system of the human body. The study material was the supplements in the form of capsules and pills  (Acerola Plus, Cat's Claw, Maca, Maca 50 Plus, Spirulina, Spirulina Hawajska, Spirulina Pacifica, Vilcacora, Żeń-szeń from „Herbapol” Herbal Plant in Kraków, Żeń-szeń – Ginseng (KRKA), Żeń-szeń (Naturell), Żeń-szeń koreański (Walmark), Żeń-szeń (Vita-Complex) and liquid preparations  (Aloes  juice, Aloe Vera drinking gel, Aloes Activ, Aloes Young, Bodymax Tonik, Ginsengin 400, Ginsenol, Noni - juice, Noni-vita, Noni Plus). Samples (3-5 samples of different sort of series of the production of each of supplement) were mineralized “dry” at the temperature of 450˚C. Levels of manganese and iron were determined directly from the mineralisate applying adequate parameters of analysis in SOLAAR M5 flame atomic absorption spectrometer. In the dietary supplements in the form of capsules and pills the content of manganese fluctuated on average from 0.16 μg/g (Acerola Plus) to 57.21 μg/g (Spirulina Pacifica) and of iron from 3.43 μg/g (Acerola Plus) to 2262 μg/g (Spirulina Pacifica). In the liquid dietary supplements the values were: of manganese up to 1.58 μg/ml in preparation Aloes – drinking gel and of iron up to 30.60 μg/ml in the juice from noni fruit  Noni-vita. Contents of the studied elements in selected supplements depended on form and composition of preparation. Special predispositions of some plant raw materials were observed, in particular of marine alga – spirulina, as for the accumulation of manganese and iron. Applying dietary supplements containig spirulina, in the maximum twenty-four hour dose – according to indications of the producer, we can provide the amounts of manganese into the organism constituting the recommended 4% of its daily talking and the amount of iron of about 40-50% of the recommended daily consumption of this element.

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manganese, iron, dietary supplements, flame atomic absorption spectrometry 


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