Current Issues of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences

Number 4


1. Features of the ultrastructure of the skin of white rats 30 days after modeling of portal hypertension - 157
Nazar Hrytsevych, Volodymyr Vereschaka

2. Betulinic acid and its ionic derivatives impaired growth of prostate cancer cells without induction of GRP78 and CHOP - 163
Alexus Williams, Keshawna Smith, Zarin Bhuiyan, Jasmine Phillips, Hua Zhao, Takayuki Nitta

3. Review on Ethnobotany and phytochemistry of Cassytha filiformis - 169
Nithya Rajamanickam, Bincy Raj, Prashant Tiwari

4. The study of fatty acid composition in Cockscomb (Сelosia cristata (L.) Kuntze) - 176
Alina Deyneka, Viktoriia Protska, Iryna Zhuravel, Oleksandra Kyslychenko

5. Histological changes induced by Piroxicam on the hepatic and renal tissues of mice with and without administration of Peppermint oil - 183
Muna Al-Hamdany, Faten Al-Tai, Hanaa K. Ismail

6. The protective effect of vitamin A on Concor induced structural changes of the liver and kidney in adult rats - 191
Mareb H. Ahmed, Faten Dhanoon Taeel

7. Phytochemical analysis and evaluation of antibacterial activity of Moringa oleifera extracts against gram-negative bacteria: an in vitro and molecular docking studies - 198
Aryan R. Ganjo, Aveen N. Adham, Hazem A. Al-Bustany, Safaa T. Aka

8. New therapeutic strategies based on molecularly targeted therapy in glioblastoma – a case report and review of the literature - 206
Katarzyna Szklener, Anna Rodzajewska, Weronika Kurylo, Slawomir Mandziuk

9. Determination of β-blocking receptor drugs in silica gel TLC systems with the mobile phase containing surfactant - 212
Adam Traczuk, Beata Polak

10. Levosimendan protects against ischemia – reperfusion injury in the human heart muscle. A pilot study - 219
Marcin Kunecki, Tomasz Oleksy, Jerzy Nozynski, Piotr Podolec, Jolanta Biernat, Marek Andrzej Deja, Krzysztof Stanislaw Golba, Wojciech Plazak

11. A comparative review on High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) & High-Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) with current updates - 224
Manish Kumar Gupta, Aditya Ghuge, Manasi Parab, Yehya Al-Refaei, Anjali Khandare, Neha Dand, Nilkamal Waghmare

12. Investigation the influence of biologically active compounds on the antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activities of red raspberry (Rubus idaeous l.) leaf extract - 229
Oleksander Maslov, Mykola Komisarenko, Svitlana Ponomarenko, Darina Horopashna, Tetiana Osolodchenko, Sergii Kolisnyk, Lyudmyla Derymedvid, Zoia Shovkova, Elshan Akhmedov


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